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Magic Maths Dice

Learning numbers can be hard and to make it interesting we lean on the curiosity and interest of the child! Kids love throwing dice - it is so fun!

  • A fantastic way to teach your child counting
  • For ages 5+ years

1. Download and print sheets. You could laminate the sheets to make them reusable.
2. Take a dice, a pen and start playing! Numbers pairs will never be the same!


An Educational Collection of Alphabet and Tracing colouring pages

Alphabet Colouring pages set is a fun and educational activity that helps child associate letters, words and a visual image to aid memory retention. Alphabet worksheets make learning fun and provide a great colouring page.

  • Prepares kids for school
  • You can print them all and make your own educational colouring book!
  • For ages 3+ years
GalaxyAzbuka Обучение письму – трудоемкий процесс и, чтобы сделать его интересным, опирайтесь на любопытство и интерес ребенка!
Предлагаем Вам сюжетную игру «Полет в Космос», где каждая планета – это буква! И на этой планете много загадок и тайн, которые надо разгадать ребенку! Надо только взять ручку!

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